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Passion for building high growth business based on disruptive technology
Executive Profile
Entrepreneurial business leader with the 20 year track record translating new technology into high growth profitable businesses in the electronics, materials, optics, and equipment industrials.  

Great intuition for identifying critical problems and proven strength building world class teams capable of resolving them in challenging environments. Creative rainmaker with global business development experience leading companies through high return exits.

Semiconductor, consumer electronics, advanced materials, and industrial equipment experience in product development, operations, and marketing roles. Focus on development of high growth, profitable technology businesses

Startups, Funding, Board, and Advisory Roles 
Business Turnarounds and Exits 
Global Operations Management 

Core Competencies
Product Manufacturing
Mergers and Acquisitions  
Supply Chain Development
Rapid Commercialization  
Technology Development
Operations Management
Market Development
Financial Control
Quality Management

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