​CompanyMatch Technology was developed specifically to identify And qualify companies, and their leadership, whose business practices support the short And long term interests of the job seeker And their hiring manager.  

Contact me to learn how to choose the right employer for the right reasons.

​  Our Vision

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​​​CompanyMatch Technology

​Your Optimal Job Satisfaction, Job Security, Productivity, and Earnings

Our Strength

Claudio Weinstein
(949) 391-7303

Claudio Weinstein
(949) 391-7303


Job Search

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Predictive Search Technology

Teams / Candidates / Jobs / Co-Workers / Leads / Employers / Sourcing / Screening / Interview Strategy / Compatibility Analysis

From the initial interview, The JobAgent will use CompanyMatch to:

  • Research, evaluate and list potential opportunities
  • Improve and coordinate resume, online profiles, and marketability
  • Analyze and expand professional networks
  • Train on interview strategy
  • Develop and manage industry specific calendar
  • Consult on offer negotiation and onboarding
  • Provide private online documentation, tools and records of job search
  • Seek alternative revenue streams
  • Partner throughout your career

For more info, pricing and availability, contact the JobAgent below